We served 13 Million Classified Ads & 32 Million Visitors!
We served 13 Million Classified Ads & 32 Million Visitors!
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We served 13 Million Classified Ads & 32 Million Visitors!

About Muslim Backyard

Whether you are looking for a new job or seeking a life partner, planning to buy a car or wish to promote your new business, just spend some time in the Muslim Backyard site to know the latest about what’s going on in your city. Not many sites offer you with sections such as “Item’s Wanted” or give you the option for Masjid Based Ad listing. This is how Muslim Backyard is unique.

Muslim Backyard is far more than just another “classifieds website”. It works as a community connector to bring together not only the buyers, sellers, and businessmen, but also local Muslim communities. It also introduces the concept of the first ever Masjid Community based Ad-Listing service.

Advertising on Muslim Backyard is very simple, as it features a wide variety of categories to place your free classified ads under. Examples of ad sections are: Jobs, Housing, Muslim resources, Personals, For Sale, Various services, Community, Items Wanted, and many more. Just head to the city of your choice or find your local Masjid and start posting or viewing ads for absolutely no charge.

Muslim Backyard looks forward to your support, participation and spreading the word, to make it successful while it provides you with a unique masjid community based trading experience. We would love to receive constructive feedback from you to further improve your experience on the site.

Company History

Mohammed Mortoja
Mohammed Mortoja

Have you ever searched for something so common, yet so unique that it left you floundering? Before major search engines and market places, we all just seemed content with the idea that buyers and sellers may never cross paths.

However, technology has enabled us to bridge buyers and sellers in a way that no one could have imagined. But that is not to say we have perfected commerce. Each day, new consumers, new sellers, new products, new ideas and new ways of doing business are shaping our world.

Today Muslim Backyard recognizes those changes.  Mohammed Mortoja, an entrepreneur and a community activist dreamed that marketplaces could serve the needs of a special community with unrepresented demands. He built Muslim Backyard from the ground up to connect buyers and sellers of the Muslim community. He dreamed of creating a marketplace in which consumers are secure in the purity of their purchase, such as gently used clothing, spiritually secure food, or hijab-sensitive health care.

The entrepreneur in Mr. Mortoja dreamed of building a place for young entrepreneurs, experienced business persons and innovative organizations to market to a unique demographic. But, to dream is only to sleep, unless those dreams fuel action. 

Today, the product of the Muslim Backyard team’s dream has bloomed into reality. Muslim Backyard connects consumers and vendors of goods and services. Muslim Backyard now bridges the gap for potential spouses through a matrimonial board. Furthermore, it helps create opportunity for Islamic institutions to raise funds and benefit the global Muslim community.

Give Muslim Backyard a try, no matter where in the world you are. You are bound to find a marketplace for you, whether it is in your neighborhood or on your continent.

Message from the CEO
Muslim Backyard extraordinary success.

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