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Message from the CEO

February 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Mohammed Mortoja
Mohammed Mortoja

First and foremost, I thank Allah for His infinite blessings.  Secondly, it is from the bottom of my heart that I thank all of you for helping make Muslim Backyard an extraordinary success.

From the day that I dreamed of Muslim Backyard, I had a vision to build a place for Muslims to feel at ease with their brothers and sisters to collaborate in business, community projects, philanthropy and matrimony. Moreover, I wanted to create a powerful tool that would be easy to use.

Through prayer and hard work, today we have been able to achieve something that our community has not seen before. Muslim Backyard will allow masjids to reach a wider audience; Muslim businesses will be able to offer specialized products to other Muslims.  Furthermore, it can all be done in an environment free of tasteless advertising and other unflattering content.

In the end, Muslim Backyard is about community building. Today, Muslims can be proud of Muslim Backyard as product born of its own people and serving its friends and families on a global scale. Yet, it has the feel of shopping in your own backyard.

Peace and blessing to you all.


Mohammed Mortoja
President and Chief Executive Officer

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